A Degree in Music Business: Launching a Successful Career in Music Marketing

A Music Business Degree Can Lead to a Career in Music Marketing

In an industry where more than 120,000 tracks flood Spotify daily, a lot of music gets lost in the shuffle. This is why a career in music marketing is the perfect fit for anyone who loves music and wants to make it their life’s work.

Hofstra’s close proximity to NYC gives students plenty of internship opportunities at music-related companies, and the school hosts regular panels with industry professionals like songwriter-producer-performers Stefan and Jordan Johnson.


Students with a music business degree can find positions in record labels, instrument manufacturers, concert promotion companies and even in a few of the top streaming platforms. They might work in intellectual property law and in copyright management as well.

A music manager acts as a form of talent agent, finding new talent and bringing them to the attention of record labels. A music producer specializes in creating the sound and feel of a particular song. Music lawyers help musicians with contracts and ensure that their works do not get plagiarized.

Many musicians take on another job to supplement their income, such as teaching music or working at a bar that hosts live performances. Obtaining work experience and internships is vital, and the knowledge gained can help you determine which aspects of the industry you enjoy the most. The best way to do this is by looking for programs with access to intern opportunities at music companies in the cities that you want to build a career in.


A bachelor’s degree in music marketing will give you the skills and experience to join multiple fields in the industry, including publicists, managers, entertainment attorneys and record label executives. In addition, you’ll learn to analyze current trends and develop a deep understanding of the music business.

This program cultivates a thorough understanding of the functional areas of the business, as well as economic, demographic, social, political and psychological forces that shape the music industry. It will also provide you with a global perspective and the cultural competency necessary to work with people from diverse backgrounds.

You will have the opportunity to participate in a required internship that gives you valuable professional experience and helps you make connections in the field. In addition, you’ll have the option to attend The NAMM Show in Los Angeles each winter to get firsthand access to the latest music products and meet professionals in the industry.


Getting an internship is one of the most important steps to starting a career in music marketing. The experience is an opportunity to learn the responsibilities of a specific job, and it allows students to network with professionals in the industry. Internships are available at recording studios, management companies and record labels.

Applicants should look for positions that fit with their career goals. Interns who demonstrate a clear understanding of the type of work they want to do will have a better chance of being offered full-time jobs.

When applying for an internship, students should ask their college adviser or a former employer or professor to write them a stellar recommendation letter. The letter should mention strengths that are cohesive with the position for which they are applying. This will set them apart from the competition when pursuing a music marketing internship. Often, music industry internships are unpaid, but the experience is valuable and may be parlayed into a job after graduation.


Ultimately, the best way to make sure that you are prepared for graduation is to build connections and attend events and conferences that can help you gain knowledge and insight. Also, try to find internships that will allow you to get hands-on experience in the field that you want to work in. This will help you develop the right skills to be successful in music marketing industry.

ICMP’s music business degree will see you immersed in the latest cutting-edge curriculum, delivered by world-leading ICMP tutors and leading music and marketing executives. Using ICMP’s rich talent pool as inspiration, you will create real-world marketing projects in a highly creative environment.

This program is unique among the many music programs offered at CCU in that it offers students the opportunity to combine their passion for music with a strong foundation in business management and marketing. Students graduating from this program are well-prepared for careers in managing arts organizations, recording and live music production, instrument manufacturing, and music software development.

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